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Over the past 25 years, Ieden Wall has hosted and produced several projects that have earned him accolades domestically and abroad.  Below are just a few of Wall's favourites with press articles and media links at bottom. 


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The Elevator Show

Wall recently created the world's first Elevator talk/variety show. The show is unscripted and taped on location in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  To allow Wall to have full run-of-the-house, Producer Elfin Bulshtein set up 27 cameras throughout a GTA condo building. The results are something warm, quirky and pioneering. 


The Wisdom of Wall

In 2015, Wall took lyrical poems from his book called "The Wisdom of Wall" and created a collection of poetry films. Commentating on Wall's films were Robert Lantos, Valerie Pringle and Mark Breslin. This project was aired as a one-off TV Special in The UK and Australia.  Watch the Poetry Doc below. Password: WALL


Under the City 

In 2012,  Wall created Under the City and The Great Canadian Busker Competition.  This one-off Special was streamed live online and featured singing performances from talented but obscure buskers from all corners of Canada. 


The Dream Chaser

In the late 90's, Wall created a reality-comedy show called The Dream Chaser.  The web-series pre-dated the realityTV craze that raged in the early 2000's. In the program, Wall played a renegade talent agent who went to ridiculous lengths to make the dreams of everyday people come true.   Wall produced a one-off TV Special based on his web series with then-Mayor of Toronto, David Miller.   Click on link below to watch The Dream Chaser on Vimeo. 


God Remembered 

In 2014, Wall produced a short poetry film called God Remembered. The film won the Critics Choice Award at the Melbourne Film Festival. Wall wrote the poem and created the sketches for the film's animation. 


Over the years, Wall has enjoyed a warm relationship with the Canadian Media and abroad. Below are just a few of the articles and pieces of media coverage.  Please click on the pictures to read the articles. 

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