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Canadian Jewish TV has reserved an annual block of airtime to educate our TV audience on the facts of Anti-Semitism.  Hatred and prejudice towards Jews is on the rise in all parts of the globe and we all must do our part in dispelling the misinformation and fabrications that lead to virulent Jew hatred. 


Adam Minsky Speaks 

Season 3 of Canadian Jewish TV had Adam Minsky making 3 appearances. In his second appearance, Adam spoke to host Ieden Wall about The UJA's important initiatives in combatting Anti-Semitism. 


The Ugly Truth

In Season 2, Canadian Jewish TV aired "The Ugly Truth," a segment to educate viewers on the simple facts and dangerous rise of Anti-Semitism. 


Robert Lantos

Over the last 20 years, Robert Lantos has dedicated thousands of hours and and donated large sums of money, in an effort to fight Anti-Semitism in Canada and abroad. Please join host Ieden Wall as he speaks to the legendary filmmaker from the boardroom of Serendipity Point Films in Toronto.


The Dangerous Rise 

The number of antisemitic assaults in the United States hit an all-time high in 2021 while hateful rhetoric in the political and celebrity spheres seems to support the enduring threat to Jewish Americans. NBC News' Jesse Kirsch explains recent instances that have reflected a new rise of antisemitism throughout the country. 


The Full Story 

If we take a look at The Roots of Nazi Ideology, we can get a full, in-depth perspective on the Anti-Semitic trajectory, that led to the massacre of 6 million Jews. The phrase "Never Again" starts with education. 

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