An amazing line-up of guests for upcoming season

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

The line-up for our summer and fall season of Canadian Jewish TV is incredible.

When myself annd my associate producers came up with a wish list for our summer and fall season, we really went for the whole ball of wax. We did not know if we would land the Jewish celebs we had in mind, but we went with the adage: it never hurts to ask. I am happy and proud to report that 90% of our invites were returned and accepted graciously. With the COVID situation still causing much uncertainty in all or our lives, a few of our Jewish media stars said that their appearance might have to be rebooked if their schedule turns upside down. And as a producer, I can live with that. My goal is to give our guests ,celebs and civilians alike, a rare opportunity to speak about their Jewish identity and how it has shaped and informed their life and career. Please see the "guests" link on our official website to view the projected line-up of Jewish stars set to appear on our summer and fall season. I can't wait to interview Howie Mandel about how many times a day he washes his hands during this COVID situation.

#loxstocknradio #jewishradio

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